About Us

Who We Are

Breama is an industry leader in Salesforce implementation and business process optimization. Our organization is focused on driving digital modernization of businesses and government bodies, proven by successful operations across North America.

Mission & Vision

Our business is helping organizations increase process efficiency and civic transparency through the standardization, digitization and optimization of existing processes and workflows. We do this by leveraging technology and software to provide solutions for our clients.

The core of our business is to provide an exceptional level of capability combined with small business strengths such as flexibility, creativity, and personal accountability. This means you get a partner who is highly adaptable, who takes ownership, and who delivers the results you want.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple and effective. We design and build solutions that are scalable and flexible to meet our client’s current and future needs. We focus on your “why” so our team can see the big picture and develop the right solution for you - we don’t force you into a box. We provide the framework that enables your team to help design the product the way you want, and we use our experience to guide you to a solution that can grow and encompass the complete life-cycle of all your required business processes.

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Our approach begins by working with your team to determine the biggest gaps, technologic pain-points, and inefficiencies in your current business processes. We start by:

  • Conducting end-to-end analysis
  • Documenting and analyzing key touchpoints and processes
  • Evaluating your technology stack
  • Brainstorming a technology solution and mapping new workflows

In the design stage, we begin to plan and build the technology that will improve your processes, and look at connecting key workflows by:

  • Considering process changes that will create new efficiencies
  • Planning Salesforce applications with client-specific features and customization
  • Outlining documentation and policies for management of new processes

With the planning complete, we move to implementation. This is where we launch our plans and your strategic and tactical goals take shape. In this phase, we:

  • Hit the “on” switch by implementing new technologies, processes, and workflows
  • Mentor your key stakeholders as they take ownership of the governance of new processes
  • Provide detailed time reports and project status updates to ensure your team is always aware of implementation success and roadblocks
  • Provide support and guidance that is reflected in our passion to provide the best solution

As part of our ongoing commitment, we continue to track the progress of your new workflows and optimize and iterate where necessary. This includes:

  • Monitoring data and analytics to ensure efficacy of new solutions
  • Recognizing and documenting opportunities for improvement
  • Developing iterations and improvements, and launching them at appropriate intervals
  • Maintaining working relationships with your key stakeholders to ensure their comfort with the evolving processes

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