Field and Industrial Services

Service industries across North America are experiencing a rapid increase in competition, regulation, and aging technology. To ensure future success companies now need to innovate and shift to digitize for transparent operations and defined project management.

The Breama team has years of experience working directly in the field service industry and has proven value through its ability to align with the needs and expectations of success. As an industry leader, Breama enables a network of satisfied and confident partners to achieve organizational standardization and improved process efficiency.

Public Sector

In the economic growth process, economies do not grow by doing more of the same. They grow by evolving and innovating, and leveraging new technology for capturing, reporting, and utilizing data to their advantage.

Breama helps governments transform how they connect to their missions, residents, employees, and partners through innovative cloud-based solutions. This enables your team to deliver the level of service required for digital and growing population, not only today but for the future as well.

Enterprise CRM

All large and growing businesses experience similar issues with quality lead generation, scalability, and workflow standardization. Putting the right infrastructure in place is an essential part of helping your business grow and flourish.

Our business is helping organizations increase process efficiency and operational transparency through the standardization, digitization and optimization of existing processes and workflows. We do this by leveraging technology and software to provide effective solutions for our diverse clients.

Financial Services

Customers requesting financial services expect a digital experience and changes are needed to support the growing demand. Financial institutions can now leverage data analytics and A.I. to find new opportunities and remain competitive.

Our approach is simple and effective. We design and build solutions that achieve our clients’ goals and that are scalable and flexible to meet future needs. We focus on your “why” so our team can see the big picture and develop the right solution for you.


Challenges facing nonprofits often revolve around social funding and social innovation. We can help nonprofits maximize their social impact and increase efficiency by leveraging technology and having clear data management.

Our approach is founded on uncompromising ethics and transparency – an approach that has not only earned us the trust of long-standing clients, but which has also resulted in those clients exceeding their expectations for productivity gains.

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