We believe in creating a cost-efficient and empowering method of training within organizations. Our “train the trainers” approach focuses on empowering stakeholders so they can take their learnings into the organization and train other members of the team, which leads to a solid knowledge base across key team members.

  • Onsite/On-Screen Training
  • Documentation
  • User Acceptance Testing
Onsite/On-Screen Training

One-to-one training enables key users to ask specific questions, and see live examples of their business solutions being used in action.

  • See background and core functions of the solution
  • Schedule multiple training sessions over the lifespan of a project
  • Spend time on important functions, with the right team members present

From everyday occurrences to rare functions and edge cases, our documentation covers everything your team needs from a reference standpoint.

  • Comprehensive training documents ensure quick resolution to small issues
  • Use documentation to train and onboard future users
  • Update documentation regularly to account for common issues resolution
User Acceptance Testing

Our collaborative nature ensures your new solutions fit your team, rather than forcing your team to fit into an existing solution.

  • Gain insights into your organization so we can accommodate feature requests and suggestions
  • Allow your team to test and focus the solution, improving workflows and interactions in the final product
  • Provide transparency and agency into your new solution and our methodology
Key Benefits
Become In-house Experts

Our training processes ensure that your team becomes the in-house experts on your own systems, so you don’t require outside consultation to get the most out of your business solutions.

Maximize ROI

We built our training approach on the simple belief that the only way to get the most value out of the systems you put in place is to be completely comfortable with every aspect of their functionality and potential, so your team can use your new solutions to their utmost potential, unlock time savings and realize newfound organizational freedom.